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How do I save a search?

To save your search, you must be logged in to the system.

There are two methods for saving a search.

  1. When you have launched a search, the results page also displays the message “Save query”.Once you click on “Save query”, you will receive a message indicating that the search has been saved.You can find it in the “My favourites” tab under “Saved searches”.
  2. Each search is also saved in “Search History” for the current session. To save them, click on the push pin icon found next to the document.You can find the saved search under “Saved searches”. It is now possible to modify several queries or favourites at once, by ticking the boxes of the documents to be modified (1) and selecting the push pin icon at the top of the bar (2).

By clicking on the push pin icon in the “Saved searches” section, you can remove the query from the list.

Updated on 28/09/2023

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