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How can I view magazines online?

If you are a user of the BnL, you can consult periodicals online. You have access to a broad selection of general interest newspapers and magazines. It is essential that you log in to the system to use this service.

3 digital press databases are available:

  • PressReader – brings together more than 7,000 digital publications from over 120 countries;
  • Europresse –  provides access to over 14,000 French-language sources;
  • GENIOS –  provides access to more than 420 daily and weekly newspapers, mainly in German.

Further information on the website of the BnL: News and general interest magazines

NB: The Luxembourg press (Wort +, Reporter.lu, Tageblatt/Le Quotidien Premium) is only available at the premises of the National Library and the GENIOS database can only be viewed by users of the BnL.

If you wish to search for a magazine online, enter its name in the search field and select “Digital library” in the drop-down list.

You can filter the search further by “Revues en ligne (titres)” and relaunch the search.

Click on the result marked “Available online”. You will be redirected to a window of the document you’re searching for. Click on the box under “Full text availability”.

You will be redirected to the corresponding database and will be able to read the document online.

Updated on 30/10/2023

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