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Why is it sometimes not possible to borrow or reserve a book?

There may be several reasons for this:

  1. The library with which you would like to reserve your book may not offer the online reservation option. In this case, click on “Contact” in the top centre of the screen, to be redirected to a window providing the list of libraries in the bibnet.lu network, listed by institution zone (IZ). Select your library to view additional information.
  2. Check that you have the correct rights to reserve a document from the library in question, i.e. that you have a valid membership. You can check the libraries with which you have registered under “My account”. Select the correct institution zone (IZ), to check under the “User roles” section, the “Expiration date”.
  3. Sometimes the document in question is only available in the reading room, within the library for consultation, on-site or even by appointment.
  4. Certain specialised libraries don’t offer home loans of their collections to the public. However, you can ask the library about the conditions for access to the document by means of a reasoned request. You can view the conditions for access of the libraries under the “Contact” section in the top centre of the screen.

Updated on 29/09/2023

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